The most exciting thing to me about this is that I’m getting to be part of the Blue Water story and the evolution of that story. It all started in such a different place than where it is now … and it’s become a living, breathing thing. And I’m a part of putting a face to that. I love that.

Deserie Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer

What’s awesome about it is I’m stuck between two worlds every day. I get to see the past and the future right outside my door every day. [Jack’s] talking to you all the time about where they came from and why they made the decisions they did. And he is the one that, when Todd’s ready to jump, Jack’s right there, very quietly holding him by the collar and making sure he doesn’t jump into too-deep water. “That one,” referring to Todd, “can’t find a tall enough building to jump off of. You’re watching the future/past all the time. I think that makes all of us stronger.

Deserie Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer

We don’t invest in a property; we invest in a community. And that’s one of the things I really love about Blue Water. When we come to a community, it’s more to us than just putting a property there. We add jobs to the local market, we hire local contractors. We build a space, and then invite all the nonprofits in the area to take advantage of that space to hold fundraisers and community events. We want them to do that, because we want to be a part of helping them achieve their goal. “We draw attention, not to ourselves, but to the destination,” she said. “It’s easy for us to talk about all the great things you can do at Massey’s Landing or at Bethany Beach Ocean Suites. But for us, it means more if we can tell the story of the community you should go out and visit while you’re there … We’re pushing commerce to our friends and to our community.

Deserie Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer

I see Blue Water exploding with Todd. Todd is very apt. He knows how to find deals. I see it really going several to levels above where it was at the time he took the reigns,” he says. “I’d say that this, in my prediction, will be the fastest-growing company in Delmarva. From where it’s going now, it’ll get there; we will multiply 10 times in the next 10 years. Maybe even quicker.

John H. “Jack” Burbage, CEO

Todd’s gift is his ability to communicate all levels. Whether he’s talking to a bank, whether he’s talking to a landowner, he makes people feel comfortable. And that’s why he’s such a great deal maker. He has incredible instincts, as well, but he doesn’t come in and intimidate people.

Rafael A. Correa, Chief Financial Officer

What attracted me to Blue Water was the entrepreneurial spirit that Todd and Jack have. And also that you have this combination of old guard and new guard — this revered, respected, experienced gentleman, and then you have his son who is this ball of energy just ready to conquer the world. In Ocean City, so many times the second and third or fourth generation just never lives up to the generation that actually built and created something. It’s the exact opposite here. Jack has given Todd a launching pad, and Todd’s going to take it from there to the next stratosphere. He works incessantly to do it. He’s one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. Alongside Jack.

Rafael A. Correa, Chief Financial Officer

Everything they do is quality, and they make the right investments and they do support the community they’re in. They’re very community-minded. Philanthropic in their endeavors.

Robert B. “Bob” Thompson, Chief Operations Officer

I hope people will see we’re good stewards and good citizens in the communities we work in. With the campgrounds and the hotels, we partner with local small businesses,” he says. “That’s what we try to with everybody. We try to spread the wealth. Frankly, I’m proud of every single thing we’ve done.

Todd Burbage